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this story about a year ago. tonight it involves google employees. toxic vapors inside two google office buildings. this report comes from our partners at the center for investigative reporting. again, this is getting a lot of attention. >> absolutely, raj. our colleagues for the center of investigative reporting obtained this report to the e.p.a. which runs more than 1,300 pages long. it details how from mid november through mid january high levels of tce in the air inside those google buildings exceeded what is considered safe by the e.p.a. all because workers disabled a critical part of the office complex's ventilation system. the buildings involved are ones renovated and leased by google that sit directly over the e.p.a. superfund site known as the new plume. it found higher than expected levels of tce in the air and ground under homes outside that plume back in december as well as in the google buildings. now it appears the levels of tce could have lingered in the air for months all because the air conditioning system was shut off. >> what we do know is prior to november, mid nov wh
shoom for the commute. >>> google employees may have been exposed to toxic fumes for months according to a new report. the buildings involved are leased by google and sit directly on top of the super fund site known as the mew plume. our investigation unit found the plumes found in the homes. this latest report details how, from mid november through mid january high levels of tce were found in the air inside of google buildings. all because workers disabled the complex ventilation system. >> prior to november, when the tce readings were elevated, the system was put on manual. >> tce is a cleaning solvent that's commonly used by the military. it's now been linked to cancer in people. >>> this is not good news for in of us. doctors say this could be one of the most painful allergy subpoena s -- seasons in years. to minimize symptoms, stay indoors in the morning and late afternoon if you can. and if you have to go out, you should wash your hair and change your clothes when you come back inside. or just wear a bubble. >> i think you and jeff both need to wear a bubble, because you're the
websites, daily "wall street journal" reporting it could be worth around $300 million. google adding a filter to its image search to make it easier to search for gifts. gifts are the looping images edited together to make up a short video clip. you can see that horse trotting. to help find those gifts, go to google image search page. click search tools button and switch any type to animated. >>> go figure, it is the first official day of spring. we're getting a few raindrops on our head. christina. >> more on the way, marla and john. mostly cloudy conditions over san jose. getting a little break here. this is where most of the residual moisture is headed. quite a bit on the way. our totals have been really impressive so far. we weren't expecting a whole lot of rain. santa rosa picked up half an inch. they needed it. that's good news. all this moisture boasts very well for our rainfall totals. doing well. more on the way tend of the seven-day forecast. san jose to gilroy, nice and dry, everywhere in between as well. san martine, morgan hill, you know the the area. as you can se
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macchiatto, too. but it beats the coupons for 60% off. but this beat it. it shut the site down. >> and google street view. i use it when i'm trying to find the name of a street. but now they're taking you out in the wilderness. >> they are. they've been doing things like the grand canyon and others, but what's been popping up is some of the beautiful mountains we like to see. things like mount everett. they take a guy from google, goes out with a camera, tripod, a fish-eye lens and this is the base camp at mount everett. and then mount kilimanjaro is also something that they've started to street view maps. this is great for getting kids -- i think teachers can use this as a really good educational tool in the classroom, to take kids to places that you normally can't get to. >> obviously, not their car with the fancy camera. a little backpack. >> right. and they didn't walk the whole mountain. they didn't do every single piece of the mountain. it's not every footstep, but more than we've had before. >> all right. back to your basketball game. we know you've been watching the whole time. >> i'd
to hurt. mountain view-based google bought youtube back for $1.76 billion in 2006 back when unit only had 50 million users worldwide. >>> it's a big-time happy birthday to twitter. the san francisco-based company turning seven years old today. to celebrate, the social media site releasing a greatest hits video. twitter releasing this animated time line that includes the very first tweet ever from founder jack dorsey who posted, just setting up my twitter. it includes other milestones including the first hashtag, oprah's first tweet and the first tweet ever from space. twitter says it now has 200 million active users worldwide. >>> and tweet. i sent a happy birthday tweet. >> so kind of you. i can imagine the money they're making, they're having quite the bash. >> absolutely. good day to throw a party outside. >> these guys are having one. look at these mariners out on the water. good morning to you. a beautiful day. you can see just how crystal clear it is thanks to the rain from our hd camera. beautiful. it's not just the people enjoying it. let's take you to sunol. let me move over so y
found her measurements posted as part of an online modeling contest. and a google image search revealed her tattoo. >> we only had about 15 minutes to background you. and in 15 minutes we got everything. we got your mom, your dad, everywhere you lived. we got your little scary dog there. >> my beautiful photo. >> reporter: and even though she aims to be in the public eye, brittany was taken aback by how much we had dug up on her so quickly. >> this kind of stuff freaks me out. >> 99% of what we got you put up there. and you can never get it back. it's there forever. it's your permanent record. >> reporter: but even if you aren't oversharing on social media, your information is still out there for the taking. as our next subject, melissa, discovered, the billions of pages of digital public records from court documents to professional licenses can yield even more than a facebook page. >> husband is tim. contractor. >> your spouse is timothy? >> yes. >> okay. and he's very handy, yeah? >> yeah. >> she had an arizona real estate license which is not active right now. >> okay. she was in rea
, i hope you'll follow me on twitter and on google plus. look for @mariabartiromo. send me a tweet. >>> now a look at the stories coming up in the week ahead that may move the markets and impact your money this week. earnings report out from fed ex, general mills and tiffany, among other. tuesday the housing starts telling us how many residential units began construction last week. on wednesday, the federal reserve's open market committee will wrap up a two-day meeting with a press conference from chairman ben bernanke. thursday, retailers will report on existing homes sold last month. and then on friday, the blackberry z-10 smartphone will be available to u.s. consumers. >>> and for dessert, twinkies never go bad. bankrupt hostess brands has agreed to sell the iconic cream-filled confection. the $400 million plus deal would put twinkies, ho-hoes and dolley madison under the control of two equity firms. both have history with tasty turnarounds. metropolis purchased pabst blue rbi in 2010. a bankruptcy judge is expected to approve the deal this week, meaning twinkies could t i hope you'll follow me on google and twitter, plus look for me @mariabartiromo. >>> first a look at the week ahead. ben bernanke appears at the london school of economics. he will appear with the chief economist of the imf. on tuesday more housing news that will be released. the s&p k schiller home den index is out as well as the number of new homes sold last month. on thursday the third revision of the gross domestic product for the fourth quarter of last year. and good friday wraps up the week. banks will be open, but u.s. equity markets are closed on friday for good friday. >>> and saving your pennies when the hotel bill comes. trip adviser released the first index of room service affordability, comparing how much hotel travelers pay across the country for common incidentals. denver was the biggest deal. a combined cost of a club sandwich, a water, a coke and a mini bottle of vodka add up to $40.46 in the mile-high city. the same bill will run you more than $60 in honolulu, where a club sandwich tops $20 for that sandwich. at least in hawaii the sandwich comes with a view. tha
sarah palin was up to this weekend that made her one of the most searched people on google. >> all right. just a reminder we hope you'll join us early tomorrow morning. i'll be live in vatican city bringing you all the coverage of the installation mass and ceremony for pope francis i and should be an amazing morning in rome. >> meantime we have seen them disappear before our very eyes. tonight it's the biggest loser finale. good morning, allison, how are you >> good morning. >> we got danny, obviously a huge powerhouse. >> yeah. she's on her own from so early in the season and i mean there's every chance she could have been eliminated. she stuck with it. she knows what it's like to overcome the odds. >> jeff is a guy who lost about 32% of his body weight. how does he stack up in the competition? >> just that classic -- it's the guy everybody loves. he's young, athletic and wants it. still got weight to lose. he has a fair shot at this. when he left the ranch they were all within 5%. it's anyone's game. >> allison now america will decide the joe or jackson make to it be the third finalist
with a visual experience, google maps, beautiful navigation and all features of the car are handled here. >> reporter: as mobile technology becomes a bigger part of our lives, mobile chips like teg rabecome a bigger part of the business helping other companies grow by helping you shop with your mobile phone. >> when you take a picture and from that, that picture is recognized by our system. and then it would allow you to look at inventory that was exactly the same or similar to what you are taking a picture of. from that you can buy it. >> reporter: 3-d glasses, cars and movies all part of a whole new chip set. and unveiled a new way for companies to take advantage of the powerful graphics without the need for powerful desktop computers bringing the chips to mobile devices like tablets and smart phones. >>> staggering new members involving alzheimer's and dementia. >>> and janelle wang joins us with our world tonight. >>> and we are live in rome as the pontiff delivers his inaugural mass. >>> the new way bay area doctors are able to reattach severed fingers. >>> it's a decision that chan
to diagnose or google our symptoms. >> i died five years ago. >> not only are people doing that, but now they're turning to health apps right on your phone. you're feeling something, you look it up, there it is. the problem is, there's over 40,000 of these things. and a lot of them claim to treat or cure medical conditions. which usually -- is kind of sketchy. so you want to be careful with which ones you go for and which ones you ignore. >> you have four that you like that are good ones. one of them is called -- >> angry birds? >> no. >> besides angry birds. >> what is this -- >> first aid by the american red cross. a reputable source. this is really cool. if you're ever in an emergency you can just log on and say you burn yourself cooking, right. here we go, a video, step by step of what to do and then lots of illustrations, frequently-asked questions, you can kind of solve any problems yourself. >> that's a question when you burn yourself. >> should i burn myself? >> the first thing, no. no burning. so another one that we like is called i-triage, this is like an encyclopedia of all kinds o
of what has you talking online a dramatic day in court made actress lindsay lohan a top google search. she reached a last-minute deal in los angeles and pleaded no contest stemming from a car crash last june. instead of 90 days in jail she will be at a rehab facility. >>> lisa rinna made her lips a top search item on bing and yahoo! talking about them with hoda monday. she first had her lips injected 25 years ago but had a doctor remove as much material as he could a few years ago. take a listen. >> would you do it again or just leave your lips the way you had them before. >> i would do it again. >> why? >> because this is like my career has been all about, i never had a career before i had the lips. so my lips have had their own career. >> rinna talked about her current stint on nbc's "all-star celebrity apprentice." >>> what does selena gomez have in common with david letterman, they both share an experience with her ex, justin bieber. >> last time he was on, he said something and i said something and then he said something and i said something, and i made him cry. >> well then that make
by 90% since 2009 sparking fears the bubble may be about to burst. >>> twitter and google have brackets at the top though search results. those are the things happening today. >>> pope francis celebrated his first palm sunday mass at the vatican to mark the beof holy week. today marks the start of passover. >>> play in the arnold palmer invitational has one golfer up a tree. his tee shot on the tenth hollanded 50 feet above ground in a tree. he climbed up after it and carefully hit it to the fairway. he double bogeyed the hole and later withdrew from the tournament. when the tournament ends tiger hopes to reclaim title of number one golfer in the world. it is 7:12. back to savannah, matt, al and sergio dropped out because of a shoulder -- >> not because of the tree. >> not tree related. >> before the storm. >> little breezy there today. thank you so much, guys. let me show you what is going on. unseasonably cold throughout the country today. jet stream takes an unusual dip to the south. temperatures 10 to 20 below normal. as you look around much of the country, teens and 20s in the plai
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)